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Champlain Sailing Club

Sailing at its best, on beautiful Lake Couchiching in Orillia, Ontario

2021 Membership Fees  (For reference only - 2022 Fees not set yet)


RATE (per year)

Initiation Fee (Mandatory for 3 years)


General Membership


"Lifetime" Membership (per Family)


Docking Slip Fee (must be received by April 15th to maintain position on dock. Slips are assigned by a Dock waiting list)


Wet Mooring and Tender


Beach Storage & Launch (catamarans or dinghies)


Use of Beach Boat Dolly (catamarans or dinghies)


Additional Watercraft Storage (ex. canoe, kayak, windsurfer, paddleboard)


Winter Outside Storage (catamarans or dinghies)


Inside Locker


 Late Payment Penalty

(renewal fees must be paid on or before April 30th, or late fee will apply)


Purchase a Champlain Sailing Club White Burgee (flag)


Work Contribution Fee in Lieu of Volunteer Hours

$10/hr (max $100)

Example #1: A member with a small dinghy, to be kept on the beach and launched with a club dolly would pay:

                         $125 (initiation) + $285 (membership) +$140 (beach, storage & dolly) = $550/year for the first 3 yrs (then would pay $425/year for                                 each year thereafter)

Example #2: A member with a 24 ft sailboat, to be kept on a wet mooring would pay:

                         $125 (initiation) + $285 (membership) +$120 (wet mooring & tender) = $530/year for the first 3 yrs (then would pay $405/year for                                 each year thereafter)